ACUTA 35mm² single core flexible PVC insulated green/yellow earth cable (100m roll)

key features & application

  • seperate earth conductors. 
  • suitable for swicthboards, control panel wiring, for fixed wiring within other enclosures or status where the cable is not accessible without the use of tools.
  • suitable for glanding.
  • conductors of extra fine wires to international standards to ensure maximum flexibility. 
  • 06/1kV 16mm2 TPE green-yellow colour copper class 5.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • uv stabilised and flame retardant.

mechanical data

  • standard: AS/NZS 1125, AS/NZS 3808
  • voltage: 0.6/1 kV
  • maximum conducting temprature:  90°C 
  • insulation: v90 pvc
  • length: 100 m 
  • net weight: 36.2 kg


Shipping Weight 36.2000kg
Unit Of Measure lgth 100.m