key features & application

  • the battery-operated Actsafe® acx power ascender forms in combination with a proven sky rail a highly flexible personal facade access system for the simple and cost-efficient cleaning and maintenance of complex building structures.
  • more and more buildings have asymmetrical facades or facades that are difficult to access, which makes recurring work difficult.
  • the use of an Actsafe® acx power ascender considerably simplifies and accelerates these works and eliminates the need for expensive facade access systems or mobile elevated work platforms.
  • the system makes it possible to move efficiently across the façade without using muscle power.
  • the Actsafe® acx power ascender considerably simplifies and accelerates work on complex structures and makes expensive access systems or lifting platforms superfluous.
  • functions like a personal elevator in the vertical as well as horizontal direction.

•• simple and safe to use

•• horizontal and vertical freedom of movement

•• individually adaptable to almost any building structure

•• cost efficient maintenance and cleaning of facades

mechanical data

  • movement with the battery-powered tool is possible from top to bottom and from left to right and vice versa - so any desired working position on the façade can be achieved.
  • countless rescue scenarios can also be carried out efficiently and with minimum effort with the Actsafe® acx.
  • the Actsafe® acx forms a highly flexible system for easy and cost-efficient cleaning or maintenance.
  • in an emergency, the Actsafe® acx can be controlled by remote control.
  • the operation and use of the Actsafe® acx can be learned in special training courses.
  • simplifies and accelerates work on structures that are difficult to access.gentle application with control by remote control up to 150 m.

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