Cue Dee™


Cue Dee™ is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of masts, towers and supports for the global telecom and wind measurement industry.

with 40 years of innovative product development and efficient manufacturing, we have delivered high performance products to customers all over the world.

whatever type of telecom or wind measurement equipment you need we have a flexible, easy to mount and quality designed solution for you. you decide – the sky is the limit. • Cue Dee™ is a well-known name among leading telecom industry companies around the world due to the fact that the products are light, flexible, easy to install, designed to make a small foot-print and to be optimal for their purposes.

in the wind energy sector, Cue Dee™ is the preferred solution for demanding wind measurements due to the products proven reliability and durability, also in extreme conditions.

Cue Dee™ operate on a global market both directly through our own sales organization and through our network of agents and distributors.

deliveries have been made to more than 100 countries and over 80% of the annual turnover is exported outside Sweden.

the company was founded in 1978. the name Cue Dee™ is derived from quality design, the very basis of our existence. the Cue Dee™ headquarters and development centres are situated in Robertsfors, Sweden.


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