DATAKAT® is focusing on quality, meeting the most demanding requirements and offering innovative engineering ideas.

DATAKAT™ has been certified by TUV CERT with ISO 9001:2002 since 2002 for design and implementation of telecommunication infrastructure and after sales support. from feasibility study, conceptual design, optimization procedure to fabrication and initial type testing, DATAKAT™ offers products to the highest standard of performance and reliability that international telecommunication markets demand. all products are manufactured according to CE standards. 

DATAKAT™ experience is reflected in the design and production of the original ‘’spider rype’’ rapid deployment units now being utilized by major international operators.

DATAKAT™ is headquartered in Athens, Greece where it is housed under privately owned premises including administrative offices, production line unit and product-testing bay.

DATAKAT™ has a dynamic, international orientation with well established, distribution branches in emerging financial markets in Europe and the Middle East, responding effectively to client needs and expanding business further. DATAKAT™ has been collaborating with the main regional operators offering innovative rapid deployment solutions and covering all kinds of telecom infrastructure needs.

DATAKAT™ high-standard products and services have reached international destinations providing custom made solutions to major telecom & infrastructure firms, assuring quality and reliability.

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