robust and compact 11mm static ropes, acx rope was developed specifically to withstand heavy loads such as those encountered on motor winches including pmx.

sold in set lengths of 50 / 100 / 200 meters.

note! this rope is not ppe and must not be used for lifting people. 

key features & application

  • the equipment lifting rope (elr) is available in black and red.
  • the elr is approved in combination to use with the Skylotecâ acx ascender or as an equipment lifting system under the machinery directive.

mechanical data

  • construction: kernmantle rope
  • material: polyamide
  • diameter: 11mm
  • dynamic elongation: 3%
  • operating temprature: max. 100°C
  • maximum lifetime: 10 years
  • minimum breaking strength: 32kN
  • maximium breaking strength with a sewn end termination: 22kN
  • minimum breaking strength with figure 8 knot: 18kN

50 meters


100 meters


200 meters





Unit Of Measure Each