key features & application

  • eye nut DIN 582 are generally used as a removable lifting point where a rated nut can be utilised.
  • can be used as a termination for chain, wire rope and other assemblies where required.
  • made from C15 carbon steel with zinc plated finish, manufactured with a standard larger eye.
  • only available in metric thread sizes.
  • conforms to DIN 582, marked with working load limit in tonne, nominal size in millimetre, quality grade, batch numbered and supplier identification.
  • proof tested to 2 x working load limit and minimum breaking force of 6 x working load limit.
  • test certificates are available upon request.

mechanical data

  • standard: AS1353.1
  • material: zinc plated carbin steel
  • working load limit: 10mm .23 t, 16mm .70 t
  • pitch: 10mm 1.50mm, 16mm 2.00mm
  • weight: 10mm .1kg, 16mm .31kg
  • 10mm dimensions D 10mm, D1 25mm, D2 25mm, H 45mm, W 45 mm
  • 16mm dimensions D 16mm, D1 35mm, D2 35mm, H 62mm, W 63 mm


Unit Of Measure Each