introducing Forma-Stor easy to assemble flat pack container. a quick-assembly, modular solution for secure on-site storage.

key features & application

  • with theft of tools and equipment on the increase, Forma-Stor is a secure store that can be constructed anywhere in as little as 10 minutes.
  • with 5-lever deadlocks and jemmy-proof joins, Forma-Stor is the most robust flat-pack storage solution available.
  • an ideal solution for contractors who need quick and convenient storage, these walk-in units are constructed using galvanised panels that slot together quickly and simply. the result is a sturdy, weatherproof store with various size and format options, starting from just 1mx 2m. when you re ready to move on, Forma-Stor units can be flat-packed or moved easily using built-in forklift pockets or crane lifting.

mechanical data

  • comes as a flat-packed container for easy transportation
  • modular, quick-assembly secure on-site storage
  • person portable - erected simply and easily with no fuss!
  • instructions included
  • forklift pockets for easy transportation lifting eyes for crane loading
  • heavy-duty doors with 5-lever deadlocks and jemmy-proof joins
  • fully galvanised and powder coated for maximum durability

note! shelving available and sold seperate to each Forma-Stor

fr100-t [datasheet]

description: Forma-Stor on-site storage

  • weight: 251 kg
  • external dimensions: 2075x1120x2160mm
  • internal dimensions: 1920x970x1950mm

fr200-t [datasheet]

description: Forma-Stor on-site storage

  • weight: 384 kg
  • external dimensions: 2075x2075x2160mm
  • internal dimensions: 1920x1920x1950mm

fr300-t [datasheet]

description: Forma-Stor on-site storage

  • weight: 467 kg
  • external dimensions: 2075x2990x2160mm
  • internal dimensions: 1920x2840x1950mm

fr400-t [datasheet]

description: Forma-Stor on-site storage

  • weight: 594 kg
  • external dimensions: 2075x3995x2160mm
  • internal dimensions: 1920x3840x1950mm

frs2m [datasheet]

description: Forma-Stor shelf

  • weight: 20 kg
  • external dimensions: 1970x520x30mm


Brand armorgard
Unit Of Measure Each