key features & application

  • this heavy-duty reusable matting is designed to eliminate dropped object hazards by effectively encapsulating gridmesh platforms. 
  • suitable for all height works conducted on gripmesh platforms.
  • GRIPPGrid provides a cost-effective drop matting that can be reused multiple times. 
  • shade cloths and other similar disposable products are costly, wasteful, short-lasting and have a negative impact on the environment during disposal. 
  • GRIPPGrid matting is non-slip, fire resistant, and reusable making it the ideal choice for gridmesh platform works. 

mechanical data

  • non-slip texture provides excellent grip even when wet.
  • can be used multiple times.
  • heavy-duty and long-lasting & fire resistant.
  • very high UV resistance.
  • available in 2 different weights.
  • 1.87m x 25m roll.

[430 datasheet]

[530 datasheet]

[430 (gm/2) test report]

[530 (g/m2) test report]


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