the KITO PWB m3 series chain block with overload limiter is durable, safe and functional. they are designed for maximum durability and safety in continuous heavy-duty applications. 

key features & application

  • the KITO PWB m3 series manual chain hoists are built with premium-grade components for long life in the toughest industrial and contracting applications.
  • this series manual chain hoists are compact and light, yet extremely durable, with industry-leading quality.
  • the manual chain hoists have a shock-resistant gear casing, double ratchet spring, precision gears and double casing to protect against dust and water, secure and reliable mechanical brake, load chain guide and a nickel-plated load chain with long service life.
  • the load chain has a break strength of 1,000 N/mm2 and corresponds to class v according to DIN EN 818-7.
  • with this high-performance chain hoist series, KITO PWB has extended its product range by offering to its customers a higher degree of functionality, safety and customer utility.
  • applications include mining, construction, engineering, infrastructure and manufacturing.
  • ideal for processing plants, manufacturing plants, job sites, construction sites and projects.
  • gear case and hand wheel cover resistant to external shocks.
  • double enclosure helps prevent mud and dust from entering internal mechanisms.
  • double pawl spring increasing reliability.
  • reliable mechanical brake.
  • stopper prevents excessive lowering.
  • needle and ball roller bearings allow maximum mechanical efficiency with minimum effort.
  • close coupled to KITO PWB push and geared trolleys.

mechanical data

  • standard: AS 1418.2
  • KITO PWB manufactured grade 100 load chain
  • standard lift height: 6 m
  • capacity: 500 kg/ 1t/ 1.5t / 2t
  • headroom: 500 kg 360 mm/ 1t 410 mm/ 1.5t 470 mm/ 2t 500 mm
  • close headroom: 500 kg 370 mm/ 1t 420 mm/ 1.5t 485 mm/ 2t 505 mm
  • load chain diameter: 500 kg 5.0 mm x 1/ 1t 6.3 mm x 1/ 1.5t 7.1 mm x 1/ 2t 8.0 mm x 1
  • weight: 500 kg =10 kg/ 1t = 11.5 kg / 1.5t = 14.5 kg/ 2t = 21 kg
  • load chain diameter x pitch: 500 kg 5x15 mm/ 1t 6.3x19.1 mm/ 1.5t 7.1x21 mm/ 2t 8x24 mm
  • overlioad limiter


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Shipping Weight 10.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.060m
Shipping Length 0.110m
Unit Of Measure Each