key features & application

the patented MAGic is an extremely light fall-arrest device on a movable guidance made of steel and aluminium. the gliding along a core-sheathed rope absorbs the energy. as soon as the magic tilts, the break blocks close around the rope and the magic holds a secured person within an extremely short reaction time and without any unsettling tearing noises. this appreciably reduces the initial shock from the fall and the worker feels safe. areas of application include: construction, roofing, carpenter, power transmission, confined spaces and telecommunications. 

mechanical data

  • standard: EN 353-2:2002
  • diameter: 12 mm
  • hand washing: 40 °C
  • max service life: 4-6 years
  • temperature: 45 °C - -35 °C
  • carabiner on device: KOBRA tri
  • carabiner on rope: KOBRA tri
  • material: stainless steel, aluminium, polyamide
  • rope material: polyamide
  • suspension element: km12
  • 10 m / 1.84 kg
  • 15 m / 2.3 kg
  • 20 m / 2.76 kg
  • 25 m / 3.22 kg
  • 30 m / 3.68 kg

[datasheet 10m]

[datasheet 15m]

[datasheet 20m]

[datasheet 25m]

[declaration of conformity 10m]

[declaration of conformity 15m]

[declaration of conformity 20m]

[declaration of conformity 25M]

[operational manual]


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