key features & application

  • carabiners have different materials, shapes, and closure systems.
  • selecting the right carabiner depends on the intended use. as a rule of thumb, the more independent movements are necessary to open the closure, the safer the carabiner.
  • most carabiners on the market are equipped with a keylock nose to prevent them from snagging.
  • SKYLOTECâ  patented double carabiner series meets the needs of everyone who works and climbs left-handed or uses both hands.
  • with the innovative design (180° spring rotation), the sleeve that closes the gate can be easily turned in both directions.
  • conventional twist/trilock carabiners can be turned only to the right and are therefore more difficult to use for left-handers.

mechanical data

  • international standard: ANSI Z359.12:2009, CSA Z259.12-CL.1:2011
  • breaking load, gate: 16 kN
  • breaking load, major axis: 41 kN
  • breaking load, minor axis: 10 kN max.
  • opening: 20 mm max.
  • service life: 10 years
  • area of application: fire brigade / rescue / special forces, rope access / rigging
  • size: 110 x 67mm
  • weight: 0.25 kg
  • locking system: tri
  • material: steel



SKU H-132
Shipping Weight 0.2520kg
Shipping Width 0.067m
Shipping Length 0.110m
Unit Of Measure Each