V-Gripp tape distinguishes itself from the competition with its self-vulcanizing technology.

by not relying on a traditional adhesive layer, V-Gripp tape outperforms all other tapes on the market by creating a fully load rated and certified tool attachment point, when used in combination with a tool catch.

extremely durable and easy to apply, V-Gripp  tape is recommended for use on-site and in extreme conditions.

key features and application

  • self-vulcanising; doesn't rely on chemical adhesives.
  • heat resistant to 150 degrees Celsius.
  • resistant to water and oil.
  • extremely resilient and long-lasting.
  • cut a length of V-Gripp tape approximately 30cm (or enough to go around the tool 10 times).
  • position the tool-link on the tool.
  • apply V-Gripp tape, pulling it tight and without covering the 'catch' on the tool catch.

mechanical data

  • 2.5cm wide
  • 2.7m long


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