Austlift is a well recognised in the lifting Industry.

the Australian owned company has been running for over 20 years in lifting and rigging and has been dealing in material handling for almost 10 years.

Auslift offers lifting and rigging, load restraint and height safety products as well as the installation and service of tailgates, docks, cranes and other material handling equipment.

key features & application

  • the w5 chain block manual chain hoist comes in the following capacity’s 1t, 1.5t, and 2t – 6m lift.
  • load limit switch

mechanical data

  • test load: 1t=1.5t, 1.5t=2.25t, 2t=3t
  • pulling effort: 1t=281kN, 1.5t=290kN, 2t=328kN
  • dimensions: 1t=173x376x32 mm, 1.5t=196x173x38 mm, 2t=211x470x40 mm
  • weight: 1t=12kg, 1.5t=17kg, 2t=19.7kg
  • load chain size: 1t=6 mm, 1.5t=7.1 mm, 2t=8 mm






Unit Of Measure Each