yachtmaster xs double braid features a balance and harmonised core ht polyester, designed to achieve long life and soft feel handling.

key features & application

excellent breakload, uv and abrasion resistance.

highly resistant to most chemicals.

can be heat sealed on the ends for a neat finish and resists knotting, hockling and tangling.

easy to splice with high strength, high jacket to core ratio assisting long life.

suitable for a range of different applications including sheets, guys, control lines, out/downhauls, runner tails, traveller, vang, reefing and furling systems on cruiser/racing yachts etc.


mechanical data

gauge: 16mm diameter

length: 100 m reels

material: continuous filament polyester

resistant to: most organic material, mineral acids, organic solvents, bleaches & oxidising agents.

temperature limit: softens 228°C – melts 255°C

weight:16mm @ 100 meters length = 17.6 kg.

breakforce: 5600kg

colours: available in white, white with red fleck, white with blue fleck white with green fleck or white with gold fleck.







Shipping Weight 17.6000kg
Unit Of Measure lgth 100.m